About Us & The Team

Verona In Tour is a Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Villafranca di Verona, the gateway door to Verona, Lake Garda and Mantua.

We partner with local talented tour guides and tailor our services in order to provide the best possible experiences.

Travel Experts

Strong passion for living unique experiences, firm dedication to our clients and deep knowledge of the surrounding territory and local traditions are the fundamental basis of our company.

Local Guides

All the planned experiences are designed by our travel experts who combine their knowledge of the tourist destination to make sure you can get the most authentic travel experience.

The Team

elisabetta founder

Elisabetta Serpelloni


Ciao! I am the company owner and before forming Verona In Tour, I’ve been running my travel agency for more than 30 years working with the same passion everyday and establishing business relationships both in Italy and abroad. I visited more than 70 countries and developed the quality of our services based on my personal travel experience, local expertise and clients feedback.

marta stella

Marta Serpelloni


Exploring the world is in my blood! I’ve been running the business together with my sister Elisabetta since 1988 which allowed me to discover new places and shape my vision. Among the services offered by our company, stands out the coordination of planned itineraries for individuals or groups, including hotel reservations, local transport and flights.

federica ca

Federica Caliari


Travelling –is more than changing of the place. It is an endless source of Inspiration. This is a source for enriching our inner worlds and an opportunity to know the world by meeting different people. I love much my job. Every day in the morning I am pleased to go as I know that new day will bring me new changes for personal development. During the time I worked at Lanai Viaggi, the company developed and became enough strong. Today we are a solid team with great plans for the future. 

andrea monroy

Andrea Monroy

Social Media Manager

This world is so beautiful and every corner hides a new adventure! I love traveling and knowing different cultures. I believe in a different way of doing tourism: a sustainable and responsible way where we add value to the places, the people and the environment while enjoying and learning.

Local Guides

We work with local, experienced and enthusiastic guides to offer you the best service and knowledge.
fabio guida


Local Guide

Passionate about cycling and slow tourism, I founded Bike Experience, to discover the Verona area through its history, culture and food and wine specialties. I always like to offer a moment of intense well-being and relaxa where you can slow down, admire, taste and smell the scents and colors that you can only experience by cycling the surroundings of Verona and Lake Garda.

sara guida


Local Guide

I always enjoyed my time spent sharing stories and learning new things with people from different parts of the world and from different cultures, thanks to this project now i have the chance to share my story, the story of Villafranca, with a wide variety of people. I don’t want to waste too much conversation by saying too much about me so come meet me in person at one of our tours.

riccardo guida


Local Guide

I have always had a passion for travel and to meet people from all over the world. From my first childhood trip to Spain, traveling to South Africa with my family, backpacking solo in Europe, Asia and Australia, I feel like adventure is in my blood.
I bring the skills and ethics acquired from my previous job roles into my current position at Verona In Tour.

anna carlotta

Anna Carlotta

Local Guide

I am very passionate about traveling, horseback riding and surfing in the sea. I’m always seeking out the magic of places I visit and love meeting people and discovering diverse cultures. Fond of riding horses since childhood, I strongly believe that riding is one of the best ways to see Verona and Lake Garda. There many things to do and experience around the countryside.

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