Bike and Trekking

Feel the charm of Verona’s countryside

We will share a moment of intense well-being and relax where you can admire and smell the colors and scents that you can only experience by cycling the surroundings of Verona and Lake Garda.

Amarone e-bike tour

Riding on an enjoyable cycling path, surrounded by gentle steams on both sides we’ll reach the winery: finally it’s time to taste amazing Verona wine!

Trekking and picnic in the vineyards

You will discover the secretes of the typical wines of Verona and Garda Lake, in a suggestive location, the Lands of Custoza: a territory characterized by green hills.

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Tours and activities

Verona is famous for its Arena, Romeo & Juliet balcony, Amarone and Valpolicella red wine. But, if you’d like to dive in a bit deeper, leave the tourist tracks and immerse yourself in the green countryside for just one day, read on.