Brand Assets

Thanks for your interest in Verona In Tour! We have a couple of guidelines for using our brand assets. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them before use.


While we use a lot of delightful colors, our primary color is Red (#B53229).
veronaintour logo
veronaintour lunetta
veronaintour logo

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Brand Colors

The color red is vibrant and full of life. Our primary color is Red (#B53229).






Icons in the tour pages

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Usage Guidelines

We’re a pretty laid-back crowd. But, when it comes to our logo, we ask that you please:
  • Always use the flags and logotype together, or just the flags. Don’t use the logotype on its own.
  • Give the logo some space—don’t clutter it with other text or graphics.
  • Use the black or white logo when overlaying on other images or colored backgrounds.
  • Don’t use colors in the logo that aren’t included in our brand colors (see above).