Nordic Walking trails in the Monte Baldo area

Starting from 2016 in some areas of Monte Baldo the Municipalities have created a network of Nordic Walking trails. Here are some routes suitable for this beautiful activity.

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a healthy and natural sporting activity that can be practiced anywhere, throughout the year and above all by everyone.

It consists of a walk with the sticks used to push and not as a simple support. The fundamental principle of this new discipline is to involve as many muscles as possible and, consequently, to increase energy expenditure for the same speed and distance traveled.

At the same time, the practice of Nordic Walking benefits the heart and circulation, improves physical fitness, back posture, tones buttocks and abdominals and strengthens arms and shoulders.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking trails and paths

Since 2016 some Municipalities of Monte Baldo have created an incredible network of Nordic Walking trails.

Nordic Walking Verona


The path of the districts (1C) starts in the Laguna district, near the parking lot of San Zeno di Montagna and overlaps up to Ponte del Diavolo to the route of sector 1 / b; it continues northwards along the Cervi estate as far as La Cà and enters the chestnut grove area as far as Cà del Lupo, near the border with the municipal area of Brenzone sul Garda; through an ancient road it returns to the Laguna district passing through the Villanova-Borno district.


This route develops mainly along the numerous districts of the country, also reaching characteristic and significant rural locations. Easy to walk all year round and with very limited height differences has a length of 18.3km. Also ideal for training with cross country bikes (dirt, earthy and undergrowth). The path inside the pine forest is really pleasant, along which you will find descriptive tables of the flora and fauna of the area.


The route, starting from Prada Bassa , broadly follows the path known as the “path of flavors” which connects some restaurants in Prada with farmhouses attached to the mountain huts. It is also connected to the service car park of the “Prada – Costabella” cableway station; starting from Prada Bassa, the route crosses the territory of Malga Pralungo to Malga Traure. The route develops along well-maintained paths and along the service roads of the huts, which are easy to walk on. The sections with uneven ground or with a demanding slope are limited to a few hundred meters.


This ring route of medium difficulty has a length of 6.9 km, a vertical drop of 288 meters. Pass through the “ Selva di Ortigara ”, a beech forest that still has about twenty great patriarchs, ancient and enormous beech trees inside.


The start of the route is connected to the arrival station of the Prada – Costabella chairlift near the Fiori del Baldo refuge. It develops towards the south, along the military road that climbs from Prada di Monte Baldo until it reaches the buildings of Malga Naole, and then continues along an easy-to-follow path on the ridge. The route that connects at the southernmost point to the Ortigara Beech Forest (4) offers wide and suggestive panoramic views of Lake Garda and the Adige Valley.

Nordic Walking

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