Corona Virus in Verona: Italy Travel Advice

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Verona Travel Advice

UPDATE: Saturday, March 7

In relation to the New Coronavirus COVID-19 emergency, passengers are informed that the airport operations are continuing regularly.

British Airways customers booked to travel between London and northern Italian destinations including Milan (Linate and Malpensa), Turin, Bologna, Venice, Bergamo and Verona up to 15 March 2020 can rebook to a later travel date up to 3 April 2020.

We all are aware of the situation all around the world about the incidence of coronavirus, so we should try to keep ourselves safe from it. When it comes to Italy, this is that one place in the world right now which is known to have the most cases of coronavirus. They should know what exactly is going on in the country related to coronavirus, especially in Verona.

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What exactly is the situation in Verona?

According to the current survey and reports, coronavirus cases of Verona are not increasing. It is that city of Italy that has reported to be the one where it all started in the first place. The number of reported incidents of coronavirus affected people who came to this place is about 100 cases. The city is now kept in isolation so that no one could come inside or leave it unless or until the situation against coronavirus is under control.

I’m over 65 or someone in my party is over 65 – should we travel?

The Foreign Office and Public Health England offers no specific advice – despite the fact that the majority of those diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, have been older people.

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Cancellation of Business Trips and Holidays

Within Verona, all the holidays and business trips are canceled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As this specific region is lockdown right now, therefore, there is no activity allowed within it or outside of it that has any link with it. Due to this action, many holidays are canceled in the whole region and people are kept in an isolated condition so that the spread of coronavirus can be controlled as early as possible. Right now, some people are restricted from moving inside and outside of Italy, and this is more than enough evidence to show how critical the whole situation is at the moment. As the statistics of dead people has increased up to more than 50 in number, the threat is becoming even more serious. This is the reason why such serious measures are being taken by the government of Italy, especially in Verona where most cases are registered to date.

New Civil Protection Measures

Within Verona, new civil protection measures are introduced in this short time and the whole government is involved in the process. It is being implemented for many days now. The main purpose behind this is to give special treatment to the coronavirus affected people so that they can be saved and kept alive. Also, these measures are introduced to make sure that there is no spread of the coronavirus any more.

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The protection measures taken for the civilians include the following: No meetings at any public place are allowed anymore. Also, private meetings are also under strict observation and are mostly not allowed to be held. High educational institutes along with the school’s ad colleges are also suspended till the time coronavirus is removed altogether from the whole region. Seven days emergency is going on right now in Verona, Italy. This is to control the visits to museums and other historical or educational locations. People with any type of symptom that is related to flue must keep themselves where they are. They should try to keep themselves isolated from the people around them. Only after careful check-up and treatment, they are free to move around.

Advice from the Government

Along with Verona, many other towns in Italy are affected by a coronavirus. They are all advised by the government that they should keep themselves to their places. No matter if someone has flue like symptoms or not, they have to keep themselves isolated all the time until the seven-day emergency is going on. It is crucial for them to avoid contact is that any risk of its spread can be avoided. If you are also one of those people who want to desperately travel to this place or to go out of it, try to act sensible and be realistic that moving out is not the way to deal with such situations.

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