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Taste some of the best in the world

Verona food and wine tours start by visiting the places that produce wines mostly in and around the city. Italy has a culture with wines; therefore, you can find some of the best wines in the world get produced here. The food and wine tours usually start with learning to cook locally Veronese cuisine using seasonal ingredients provided by the chefs. In the midst of that, you can enjoy tasting the various foods and cuisines the locals are known for by visiting a typical Veronese restaurant. The chefs responsible for the cooking classes are usually professionals in their field with top ratings. They can teach you to make different types of Verona dishes without breaking a sweat like pasta, tiramisu, and much more. The chefs also offer the guest the avenue to cook their Veronese cuisine after the class to see how it turns out. The cooking classes are also interactive, making it easy for tourists to ask questions and receive an honest reply.

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Knowledgeable tour guides

The wine tours involve visiting several wineries around the city and having some tastings too. You can sample wines from these wineries to get a better feel of how they all come to look in a bottle. You will get to visit the vineyard of some of the best-made wines in the city and taste them directly from the source. You can also visit local bars and see what they have in store for local Veronese wines. Also, enjoy the best wine tastings with wine experts on your tour. During all those visits, you get a full Italian breakfast in the morning and lunch as well. The tour guides are fluent in English and speak several languages. They are very knowledgeable about the food and wines produced in the city if you want to get hands-on experience. They can take you to restaurants and bars in Verona you never thought existed, making you feel like a local when you taste the meals or wines from any of the visits to these places. The tour guides also make you feel at home by listening and also getting to know your interest in all of the food, wines, and city tour. They give helpful recommendations and insights to guests who might be finding difficult or need a second opinion on places to visit for various other activities around Verona. The tours are spread out during the days, and they also take on seasonal tours. You can book online as well if you want to stick to a schedule.

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