E-bike Rental & tours around verona

E-bike Rental

Don’t miss the chance to learn how to use an e-bike if you never tried before, photograph landscapes unknown to cars and discover the most offbeat paths around Verona and Lake Garda..

Hire an e-bike in Verona

The Morainic Hills offer many cycling routes that allow us to enjoy the countryside from a total different point of view. Meet us at the bike rental:

Giardini di Borghetto sul Mincio

Str. Viscontea, 533 37067 Valeggio

Bike Delivery

We can drop the e-bikes at your hotel or bed & breakfast in Verona.

Rent a bike in Villafranca di Verona or Borghetto and Custoza, Peschiera, Mantova, Verona, and Lake Garda.

Peschiera - Mantova

The Mincio cycle path is a 43.5 km bike path that runs along the Mincio river, between the province of Peschiera del Garda and Mantova.

Risorgive - Verona

The Risorgive cycle route runs along the collecting channel of the springs of the middle Verona plain, which starts from the Mincio (Valeggio) and reaches the Adige.

Solid, comfortable and easy to use

Kalkhoff bicycles are developed, tested and built in Germany. Kalkhoff Agattu: 26′ wheels to make driving even easier and suitable for everyone. It is equipped with Magura hydraulic brakes capable of maintaining uniform braking qualities even in the wet. Solid, comfortable and easy to use even for the novice thanks to the wheels with a diameter of 26 ″, the bicycle is equipped with a series of mudguards, lights and luggage rack.

Travel up to 100km

Thanks to the pedal assistance and the powerful battery supplied, our e-bikes can travel up to 100km with the engine at full power. You choose how much power to use based on your training and the slope you are taking.

Limits assistance in flat / downhill sections and increases along climbs. This way the battery will last longer. The bikes are equipped with digital controls on the handlebar and are extremely easy to use. In addition, they feature classic manual gearboxes to make riding even more comfortable.


Common Questions

Is wearing a helmet compulsory?
In Italy wearing a bike helmet is not compulsory, but we highly recommend wearing it.
I have never tried an e-bike. Is it hard to use it?
No, it is not. Ebikes are very handy and easy to use.
In which size does the e-bike come?
We provide excellent quality bikes. We constantly check bikes to ensure they work perfectly. Our bikes are cyclotourism bikes (no racing bikes – no mountain bikes). We have any size you need: for people of 150 cm to 200 cm height.
What if my bike breaks or if I have a flat tyre?
In the case you have a flat tyre or your tyre breaks, don’t worry! Our staff will sort things out.
Where can I put my jacket/sweater and my bag while cycling?

Every bike is provided with a rear bag where you can place your personal belongings and anything you need to carry with you. Bring your camera and little money for a coffee or a glass of wine. If you are carrying more that you need you can safely leave it at our shop and take it back when we return.

Do we cycle on safe roads?
Verona doesn’t have many cycling lanes but it is a small town and the center is a limited traffic area. We do as much as possible to run on safe cycling lanes and low traffic roads. Caution is although needed throughout.
Do you offer special deals for groups?
If you are a large group, more than 10 people, please do not hesitate to contact us directly emailing to veronaintour@veronaintour.com