FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a cancellation policy of 48h. It is not possible to modify or cancel the booking within 48h before the departure of the tour. No reimbursement will be granted to any client who is not at the place of departure at the time established; similarly, no reimbursement will be granted to clients who lose contact with the guide or who do not complete the excursion. For more details visit Cancellation Policy.

What is your payment policy?

We ask for 100% payment upon confirmation.

What is your rain policy?

Not all the tours have a rain policy. Generally all the bike tours and outdoor tours will be cancelled. Do not worry because you will be contacted at least 5 hours beforehand.

How many people are there on tour?

The tour could reach different size, it depends on the experience that you booked. Please check the details of the tour. No minimum number required to start the excursion, unless specified.

How long last the tour?

Every tour has different duration. You will find it in the tour description in the section titled ‘What you should know’.

What is a private tour?

Private tour groups consist of your party/group & your own private guide. A small group tour is when you will join a tour that is open to other travelers who booked for the same date. Small Group tours vary in size between 8-10 people.

Which activities are suitable for children?

Unless otherwise stated, most of our tours provide the services to fit your children in. Every limit of age is indicated in the details of each tour.

Are there seniors or children discounts?

Unless otherwise stated, excursions are free for children under the age of six; for children aged between six to twelve there is a 50% reduction. Show a document proving children’s age, upon request.