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Single Day Tours

Verona is famous for its Arena, Romeo & Juliet balcony, Amarone and Valpolicella red wine. But, if you would like to leave the tourist tracks and immerse yourself in the green countryside for just one day, read on. 

Slow and Sustainable Tourism in Verona

To travel slowly is to reject conventional tourism and be more open to experiences that are unique and immersive.

We want to experience a place in its uniqueness and touch the land with man’s marks upon it, while travelling at the pace of nature.

Multi Day Tours

Sometimes, one day just isn’t enough. Multi day tours enable you to see and do much more of Verona and Lake Garda, whether you’re on one of our bike or Vespa tours, trekking among vineyards overnight trips or horseback riding in the countryside.

Four pillars that set Verona In Tour apart from other tour companies.



Food And Wine



Active Tourism

Active Tourism

Slow Travel and Eco-friendly Tours

Explore Verona in the right way

Take time to enjoy even the simplest things. Much of Verona’s true charm can be found in its countryside.

Savvy travelers can slow down and get a taste of Italian rural life in the traditional-yet-cozy lodgings of a countryside guesthouse or an agriturismo — a working farm that takes in guests.

Staying in these places is a beautiful way to get to appreciate not only the art, culture, dramatic architecture, world-renowned food, but also the slower pace of the sweet italian lifestyle.

Bike and Trekking

Wine and Food

Horseback Riding

City Tours
Truffle Hunting
Vespa Tours

Cooking Class

Picnic and Glamping

Verona and countryside tours


We address to people who choose to visit this wonderful land and live it even for a short time, letting themselves be distracted by the flavors and aromas, away from the chaos of the cities immersed in an atmosphere that undoubtedly contributes to our general well-being.

Slow tourism is an ecological and genuine way of visiting historic places, natural environments, rural villages using only non-polluting means, such as bicycles or feet.


Why choose Verona In Tour?

Deeply tied to the city of Verona and its surroundings, Verona In Tour creates tailor-made customized experiences and sojourns, special-interest itineraries, private events and celebrations.

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