Picnic Chic

Book an outdoor picnic to live a unique experience. Enjoy horse riding or take a bike tour, then you will spend some time in an area sorrounded by nature, decorated by us, to taste the specialities that you will find in the picnic basket.

Team Building

We offer unique ideas and personalized programs for incentive, integration and team-building trips to Verona and Lake Garda. Motivate your employees, contractors and partners to go that extra mile. Reward them with one of our unique incentive trips.

Bachelorette Party

Having your bachelorette party in Verona, of course, makes it even more memorable, but amongst the reservations, plane tickets, guest lists and online-bookings, planning your perfect bachelorette party in Verona can get overwhelming quite quickly.

Wedding Proposal

If you wish to get advice and suggestions on how to impress your partner, the expert team of Verona In Tour will surprise you with creative ideas and with a project that will be the basis of a memorable experience.

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