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Is Italy on your list of must-visit destinations? Make sure that you do not miss out the breathtaking Lake Garda in its full view when paying a visit to the country. Lake Garda is a beautiful natural lake situated in Northern Italy. The lake is believed to have been formed some 1.5 million years ago during the Quaternary Ice Ages. The scientists believe that the lake was formed as a result of a huge glacier ripping down & cutting through the valley while carving this beautiful, scenic, old lake in the region. Given its natural beauty and picturesque views all around, Lake Garda attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. The fact that it is an immensely scenic and peaceful place to be in, the landmark serves to be an ideal destination for those who are searching for some adventure & tranquillity at the same time. Lake Garda is just a 45-minutes-drive from Verona –a major province in Italy. Lake Garda has gained the impetus of being one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Therefore, on your next summer trip to Italy, make sure that you visit this scenic lake and enjoy its serenity to the best possible extent. 

For your ease, we have composed top reasons for why Lake Garda should be on your bucket list this summer:

Explore the Beautiful Villages Nearby

While you might be in awe of the scenic beauty of this picturesque lake, there are several small villages all around the lake that are equally impressive. Once you are at the landmark, you can get access to a series of cute, little villages that are widespread all across the lake’s borders. As such, you are provided with tons of options for Lake Garda excursions to have a great time while you are at this leading tourist destination in Italy.

For reaching out to these mesmerizing villages, you can take a ferry from the lakeside and traverse your way through the tranquil lake waters. The best part about visiting these villages is that these are home to some of the exclusive wine-tasting centers in entire Italy.

lake garda view

Amazing Food & Wine

When you are in North Italy, you are in one of the best wine-producing as well as wine-tasting areas of the world. A visit to Italy is never complete without tasting the local delights and exquisite wines of the region. Located close to the Verona province in Italy, Lake Garda tours from Verona and its villages feature some of the best-ever wine-tasting experiences in the world. Moreover, the local cuisines here are lip-smacking and offer a great platter for those who love food & wine at the same time.

Given the mild temperatures and fine soil quality of the region, Lake Garda is home to a series of the finest vineyards in Italy. You can either head to a local winery or a local lemon grove to enjoy your time here.

Great Outdoor Activities

In addition to the wide range of water-based sports on Lake Garda, the region also provides access to a series of opportunities to enjoy amazing outdoor activities. Whatever might be your preference, the region has something in store for you. Whether you go for trekking, taking a stroll by the lakeside, or enjoying the boat rides, playing tennis, sailing, jet-skiing, hiking, and so more –there are ample opportunities for you to enjoy in this scenic place.

Exhilarating Watersports

Spread out across a sprawling area of around 143 square miles, Lake Garda is known to host a wide number of watersports opportunities for the tourists here. If you are on the adventurous end, you can get access to highly thrilling watersports to make your entire trip worthwhile. Towards the north of the lake, you can experience some strong winds. As such, this provides great ground for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

At the same time, the calmer situation of the southern end of the lake provides you with ample opportunity to enjoy paddleboarding on the lake’s surface. For those who love rushing up their adrenaline levels, they can head to enjoy the multiple canyoning sites –located towards the middle portion of the lake.

lake garda beach

Take Exciting Day Trips

There are several local attractions situated by the lakeside as well. You can visit the local town of Sirmione towards the southern shore of the Lake Garda. There are several beautiful islands across the town as well. Other places to explore are Isola del Garda along with the featured Villa Borghese Cavazza situated on the island. In case you are staying by the lakeside for a few days, you might as well consider venturing further ahead to enjoy the captivating views of Verona.

Make the most of the Lake Garda experiences and its surrounding regions.

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