13 cheapest ways to travel for free in Italy

There must be many places you want to visit while you are in Italy. You can do so by traveling in the cheapest way possible.
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Cheapest solutions to travel free in Italy

Italy is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. It is full of beautiful places to see, serves incredible food and drink and is very welcoming and friendly for the tourists. There are a lot of places to see and experience in Italy. There must be many places you want to visit while you are in Italy.
Venice, Florence and Rome are among the best destinations and you will find many excellent attractions in every city you visit. Make a list of places you want to visit. Reducing your options can be a bit overwhelming, so you may want to visit some of the best and most popular sites first. The decision to plan your vacation in Italy is the most significant.
After all, you need to make sure that you can visit all the sites, but there are also advantages to choosing out of season. No matter whenever you go there, it is not difficult to find festivals and special events.

How to Plan Your Vacation in the Best Possible Way?

The best time to plan your vacation indeed is when it is suitable for you and your hectic routine. However, individual seasonal variations must be taken into account.
Italy is very crowded and also more expensive during the peak periods that is from May to September. Summer can also be scorching and winters can be very cold with open ski resorts in the Northern Alps. August is also one of the busiest months with the Italians and visitors from all over Europe. Lake and coastal areas are very popular with visitors. During the Easter season, accommodation is the most costly.
If you are planning your trip to Italy, here is a step by step guide to enjoying free accommodation in Italy.
Assess and analyze different options
Ask yourself about the famous places you want to visit
Narrow down your search results.
Join your favorite site and post your profile.

Traveling around the world can indeed be expensive, especially considering the accommodation charges. What if you find accommodation for free? Yes, there are places in Italy that offer free stay.
Whether you want to take a stroll in the parks or spend a night in a comfortable place, you can do it for free in several ways. A few hours of reasonable assistance a day in exchange for food and accommodation is not a bad idea. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the lifestyle and the community, with friendly hosts in different situations and circumstances. Here are the 15 best places to stay in Italy for free.

1. Shakespeare and Company

It is an old bookshop of Paris which invites the writers to settle in the corridors since its opening in the year 1951. Thanks to the Tumbleweeds program, the writers can sleep in beds hidden between their shelves or in an apartment full of books upstairs. On the other hand, it helps clients for a few hours a day selling books and writing an autobiography of one page.

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2. Bed and breakfast

Over the past decade, Italy has invited tourists to stay in thousands of beautiful bread and breakfasts through the country in exchange for services and goods. Barter Week takes place at the end of November. It allows you to search all the registered properties to see what skills they would like to acquire in exchange for hospitality.
The visitors can apply with B & B, and once they accept the offer, they can pack their bags and head to the residence.

3. Italy Agriturismi

Agricultural tourism is a working farm which rents rooms or apartments and provides meals prepared from its food production. You will get great Italian hospitality with a local welcome and fresh and delicious food. The rooms and flats for rent are generally comfortable and well furnished, and include many facilities available in hotels.

4. Globalfreeloaders

Globalfreeloaders is about giving and receiving. At Globalfreeloaders, you are incomplete without the other. If you want to use the network as a guest, in return, you will also need to become a GlobalFreeloader host, ready to host other travelers for free during any period you feel comfortable with, but with reasonable frequency.

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5. Hospitality Club

The Hospitality Club brings the travelers in contact with the people they visit and to allow locals to meet people from other cultures to increase understanding between cultures and promote peace on the planet. Hospitality Club seems to be closer to the spirit of GlobalFreeloaders.

6. International Artist Residency

Participation in international artist residency can also provide you a free stay in Italy. The Rockefeller Bellagio Center on Lake Como is a unique place in Italy, offering academics, artists, policymakers, professionals, and opinion leaders, free accommodation and food, as well as a calm work environment for disciplined work, reflection and collective commitment. The application and residency requirements vary according to the demand as a creative or professional artist and as a scholar.

7. Bellagio Art Residencies

Bellagio’s artistic residencies are intended for fiction writers, composers, documentaries, poets, playwrights, videographers/filmmakers as well as the visual artists. Writing residencies are designed for researchers in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and other academic disciplines, including relevant social, political, cultural, gender and economic issues. Professional accommodation is open to professionals in areas related to issue regions or Rockefeller Foundations.

8. Home Exchange

Another way to enjoy the comforts of home while traveling is to exchange homes with a traveler and it’s practically free. To become a member of a home exchange network, you usually pay an annual fee of about one night in one of the hotel rooms, so after the first nights of your vacation your subscription paid for it then paid some taxes.

9. Couchsurfing

100 Italian towns and villages represent this community. Around the world, more than a million members and more than 200,000 people have surfed for a couch on their site and are an integral part of society. The absolute numbers with an easy to use website make it very likely that you can get free accommodation in Italy and have an incredibly fun time doing it.

10. Homestays

One of the cheapest ways to travel is to sleep for free in someone’s room or on the living room sofa. In many cases, it’s free, and it’s a great way to meet locals. You can organize family stays thanks to well-established reception networks.

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11. Farmstays

Farmstays as a concept of free accommodation is a popular trend. From rural areas to houses, farms and livestock farms, this type of residence can cover a wide range of housing, and you don’t necessarily have to be willing to milk the cow for enjoying the benefit.

12. Work Away

Depending on the place where you are planning a vacation, there may be budget accommodation provided by religious organizations, such as monasteries in Italy or houses of Christian or Jewish hosts in Jerusalem. If you are looking for a quiet environment, perhaps even with a private bathroom, religious accommodation may be for you. It also encourages a fair exchange between budget travelers, language students, cultural researchers, families, individuals, or organizations seeking help in a variety of exciting and varied activities.

13. Help and Host

Help and Host is the number one volunteer exchange system on the Internet, a new way to find free housing in exchange for finding work for everyone, volunteers, backpacks, students, employees and anyone looking for a job. They currently have six hosts listed in Italy. No matter if you are traveling through the city or more inclined to explore large outdoor spaces, the inexpensive accommodation options in Italy are plentiful; they just require a little research. You can also ask for free accommodation options on different traveling forums. The travelers will share their stories and tips on the best places to stay during your visit to Italy for free. In this way, you will find an affordable place to stay at every stop on the Italian route.

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