5 Experiences Not to Miss Out on Your Tour of Verona

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Verona is art and culture

Lying in Northeast Italy, Verona is famous as a tourist destination for local and international travelers out there. The city welcomes its tourists with pleasant weather, magnificent architecture, and charming tourist attractions. All these factors make your stay in the town the most memorable and exciting one. Spending a few days relaxing in the town and exploring the wonderful sights is all you need to escape from the busy city life. You can explore the city on foot or hire local tourist companies to get a comfortable ride around the town. Whether you are a shopaholic or history buff, Verona can cater to all kinds of tourists. It is a beautiful blend of architecture, history, modern culture, art, adventure, and delicious food. Here we’ve come up with 5 interesting Verona-to-see sights and experiences every visitor must know. Let’s have a look:

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A Visit to the Verona Arena

Situated in Piazza Della Bra, Verona Arena is a large Roman architecture piece in Italy. Verona Arena is a centuries-old site. That being said, the exterior walls of the palace have (to a target extent) turned into ruins. But the interior portion of the wall is intact. Locals organize different fairs, festivals, and theatres here. Initially, the palace had the capacity to accommodate up to 30,000 people. The exciting games and spectacular shows conducted in this ancient palace attracted a large number of visitors from all over the world. The site still looks amazing, however, only a small portion of the exterior walls is intact today. Spend an evening in the palace and explore the ancient architecture of Italy. Sit under the stars and have some quality and serene time.

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Go Shopping at Mazzini

The shopping centers in Verona are superb. If you want to discover the fashion and real charm of Italy, head out for shopping at Centro Storico. You will have to walk along Mazzini to explore beautiful and exquisite Italian items. The shops here have everything – from daily use products to Italy-special items. Check out the branded and patterned clothes, handmade linens, and Gucci Bag (which is only available in Italy). From designer shops to local artisans, a stroll along the Mazzini will help you come across all the magnificent products Italy has for the shopaholics. Wander around the shops, grab a coffee, and purchase a souvenir.

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Savor the Local Cuisines

Are you planning to visit Verona? A trip to Verona is incomplete without savoring the delicious Italian cuisine. Foodies across the world love Italian Pizza and Pasta. There isn’t a better place to savor the real Italian cuisine than Verona. Start your meal with Risotto, Verona-special dish. Some other delicious Veronese cuisines you must try in Verona are Sweet Bread, Rice Dish, Pandoro, Nadalin, Gnocchi, Bigoli, and so on. There are many Veronese restaurants in the town. For a better experience, savor street food and familiarize yourself with the real flavors of Italy. Trattoria Al Pompiere is one of the popular restaurants in the town. You can order Pizza and pasta platter paired with the Veronese-special side dish.

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Discover the History

Verona is one of the significant cities in Italy, associated with a strong history. It organizes many fairs, shows, operas, theaters, and festivals throughout the year. The history of Verona dates back to 216 BC when the town united with the Romans for a major Italian Battle. Verona Arena itself is sufficient to discover the remains of the ancient architecture walls. But if you are visiting the city to explore its history, a 5-minute walk from the Arena will lead you to the Old Castle. The palace was constructed by the Italian ruling family i.e. Scaligari in 1354. Today, the place is converted into a museum. From the beautiful and ancient architecture of the castle to a wonderful collection of carvings and artworks, this museum will give you a proper insight into the history of Verona and the rulers who ruled the country for years in the past. This museum also features captivating artwork by the popular Italian artists including Carpaccio, Tintoretto, Pisanello, Veronese, Bellini, and Tiepolo.

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Get the Romeo and Juliet Themed Tour

The beautiful and romantic Romeo and Juliet love story is famous in the world. This wonderful tale is an inspiration to all the lovers out there. If you ever plan to travel to Verona, do not miss out on the Romeo & Juliet tours. The town witnessed an iconic example of the lovers in the 13th century. Start your trip with a visit to Juliet’s house. You can pay a few bucks to get a golden opportunity to climb the stairs and capture the bronze statue of Juliet. Juliet Tomb and Romeo’s House are other places to dig the history.

If you want to pamper your loved one at a romantic place, this is the town for you.

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