Things to do in Lake Garda for lovers

The largest lake in Italy is called Lake Garda. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Northern Italy. The lake is known among tourists for its crystal-clear water and a bunch of tourist destinations. It is the most visited holiday destination in Northern Italy and its total length is 51.9 km.
People prefer it for their honeymoon trips, as well as for romantic dates with their love partner. Your trip will be incomplete without the camera and photography. So, you must know some romantic places in Italy. There are many romantic things that will make your trip memorable and will add value to your trip. Some of them are as follows.

1. Spa Termale Aquaria

Spa Termale Aquaria is the best place to relax and gather your energy back. Thermal springs are renowned in the world. It has great facilities for visitors which variety of thermal pools, steam baths as well as cold baths, saunas and the main beauty, freshwater pools, which are located outside. Scheduling your appointment for personal thermal treatment is always recommended.

Sirmione Scaliger Castle

2. Spend a romantic evening on the beach

Enjoy an exotic sun set view on the beach. Yes, you know very well, beach is the most romantic place for the couples. This is probably the most romantic thing you can do here. There are beautiful beaches in Lago di Garda which are very popular among tourists. The beaches are known because of crystal clear water and people love to spend hours here. Watersports, sailing or windsurfing are available here. Other options include biking, trekking, climbing, horse riding or golf. There are beautiful towns around the lake where you will find old churches, historical sites, shopping sites and restaurants for fresh food. This place is worth visiting.

3. Discover Art and be romantic at Grotte di catullo

Make your day romantic at Grotte di catullo in the company of art. This is the main landmark in this area. Grotte Di Catullo is a type of a private Roman edifice. The site was previously abandoned but is now open. The original owner was probably a local wealthy family who was fond of poetry, from there it gets the name. You can find here a small museum, fragments of frescoes, mosaic tiles, ceramics, and a large collection of ancient coins.

Lake Garda Sunset

4. Enjoy boating at Castello scaligero

This is the most loved tourist attraction as it is surrounded by Lake Garda from three sides. In early times, it was a port defense. A 13th-century castle is also there. You can climb on the walls to get perfect views of the town, lake, and other parts. There is also an option to take a boat and take a round around this peninsula. In Italy, your romance is incomplete without boating. So, this is the best place that offers several things to capture in your camera. Soak yourself in the beauty of the area.

5. Il vittoriale degli italiani

This is an ancient building, which is admired by visitors for its perfect design. Located in Gordone Riviera, this place is going to make unforgettable memories for you. There are many things for you to capture in your camera.
parco termale del garda
If you want to stay for a longer time, this is the perfect place to do so. It is a thermal bath complex, surrounded by classical villas and modern buildings. Enjoy the greenery and beauty of Lake Garda from here while the guest rooms here date to the 15th century with your partner.

Lake Garda Rocca

6. Scaliger castle in Malcesine

This is the most beautiful castle around Lake Garda. The castle originally dates to the 5th century, however, most of the structures which you see here today were built in the 13th century. It contains a small museum, but people prefer it for the high tower. Once you climb the tower, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the lake as well as the whole town. However, be careful not to climb it at hour end, as the clock bell strikes with a massive sound.

Malcesine Castle

7. Tandem paragliding Malcesine

If you are fond of paragliding, then you should not miss this activity when visiting Lake Garda. It is in Malcesine. Once you get up in the sky, you will have a perfect view of the whole river. With so much height and perfect scenarios, this ride will make your ride memorable for a long time.

8. Strada della forra

It is in Tremosine. You will find beautiful parks, greenery and big mountains along the Lake Garda. The mountains are difficult to climb, and proper care must be done when going on the edges. You can have personalized tours here which will leave an impact on your visit. Imagine being there with your love partner, all alone on a mountain peak, with nothing else to see except beautiful scenarios.

9. Villa calicantus

This is a beautiful villa which you should visit when coming to Lake Garda. There are beautiful greenery, nice Cafes and remarkable landmarks in the villa. You will miss an important adventure if you come to Lake Garda and not visit it.

The list is not ended here. Yes, there are many other things to do here. The night life of the area is highly wonderful and exclusive. Do not forget visiting restaurants for the candle light dinner. The food is exclusive here. The bars and discos are live all the night. Have your favorite wine in the bars and make your love bond stronger. Make some memories here. No doubt, your memories are incomplete without photographs.

Lake Garda Boat