Bachelorette Party

Are you looking for some ideas for a bachelorette party? If you don't know what to do and want something different than usual, celebrate the bride-to-be with Verona In Tour.


How to celebrate your hen party in verona

A bachelorette party is one of the most memorable and special aspects of wedding planning. Having your bachelorette party in Verona, of course, makes it even more memorable, but amongst the reservations, plane tickets, guest lists and online-bookings, planning your perfect bachelorette party in Verona can get overwhelming quite quickly. Take a look at our activities and contact us for a 100% tailored experience based on your needs and those of your group!

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horseback riding1

Horseback Riding

cooking verona tour

Cooking Class

cooking verona tour

Picnic and wine tasting

Need more hen party ideas?

As those responsible for arranging the bachelorette party, you’ll want to make sure the bride is happy and what she would like to do. Then just ask the bride-to-be specific questions about her ideal hen party and you won’t have to worry about getting anything wrong. After all, a hen party is a personal thing. If you need some original ideas just get in touch with our team!

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