Busatte Tempesta Trail in Lake Garda

October 19, 2020

Where is Busatte Tempesta Trail in Lake Garda

Starting point of this scenic walk on Lake Garda is the location Busatte, near Torbole in Lake Garda. From the parking lot of the Adventure Park pass by the restaurant and the green area of ​​the park; a well-marked path indicates the beginning of panoramic route.

What is Busatte Tempesta Trail like

The Busatte-Tempesta trail is one of the best known and most popular excursions in the area, suitable for everyone.
The route winds on a steep sheer ridge, through dense typically Mediterranean vegetation; for the most part, however, the route is exposed to the sun, so I recommend starting early in the morning in the warmer months.

To overcome the steepest points of the ridge, three large iron stairways were built, for a total of over 400 steps, which make everything even more impressive.

Route Distance: about 4 km (one way).
Lenght Time: about 1 hour and a half.

At the crossroads before the descent into the road, you can decide to reach Tempetsta and return to Torbole with the public transport; or you can go up another path that will take you to a splendid natural balcony overlooking the lake and rejoin the first staircase from there, thus returning to the Adventure Park on the same route as the outward journey.


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