Where to go Truffle Hunting in Italy

Among all of these beautiful things, one that is most cherished by people is the Truffles. They specifically go for hunting it in the green landscape regions of Italy.
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Truffle hunting is very common in Italy. Its been many years now that the people in the regions of Italy and also those coming from other countries go and hunt for truffles. Whats is a truffle? It is basically the fruiting body of a fungus. When you roam around in Italy, you find so many beautiful lush green places where the fruits ripe, crops flourish and the beautiful flowers shower their colorful bliss on you. Among all of these beautiful things, one that is most cherished by people is the Truffles. They specifically go for hunting it in the green landscape regions of the country.
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Well, there are so many places in Italy where you can go hunting Truffles. They look so amazing that you cannot resist going and hunting for the Truffles. We will share with you the top places in this regard. Let’s have a look at details of each:

History of Truffles

In the past, Truffles were considered as something mysterious by the native people of Italy, and later on, they are considered as something divine. All these perceptions were because there was a lack of knowledge about Truffles at that time. It was believed that the Truffles grow at the locations where the thunderbolts from the God Zeus were sent. This is why they found it divine in nature at that time. The Romans of that time were also curious about Truffles and what they are. Moreover, one of their famous poets, Cicero, who was known to be the best one at the time called Truffles as ‘offspring of Earth’. Well, this is how Truffles were first perceived by the people of Italy.
With the passage of time, Truffles became more and more popular because people started to know about them much more than before. Till 1700, they were still mysterious, but after that, the concept started to change. As time passed by, this fruiting body of the fungus becomes more and more popular. It was started to be used in the banqueting dishes of France prince and also become an option of luxury in the European region.
As time passed by, the popularity started to increase much more than before. Now is the time when it is used for adding a unique flavor to dishes in the big hotels and restaurants’ food menu. The prices are also increasing time and right now the Truffles are sold at the rate of 2500 to 2660 Euros per kilogram. Well, we are sure that you are much convinced about the utility and importance of Truffles at present.

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Hunting Places in Italy

Well, the Truffle shave been transported to so many places in the world, especially Europe. These people are also growing them, but the most variety and the right amount can be found only in Italy. There are so many places where you can go and find them, but here are the top ones which you should know at any cost. Let us know about them in detail so that if you get the chance to go there, you will find no difficulty. Here is the list:

San Miniato

San Miniato is even better than the Villefranche-du-Perigord which is known as the storehouse of the Truffles in Italy. It is just a matter of exploration that how much you can hunt from this location. People who are native to this place know that there are so many points where the Truffles are growing in bulk, and those are the best species of Truffles. So, if you come here for the hunting, be sure to get in touch with the locals to make sure that the hunting is being done in the right way and from the right place. You can get the trained dogs of you with you for hunting or if not, then hire the ones that are trained in that region.
We would like to advise you for hunting Truffles from this place when you come to Italy because it is known as the best one in terms of variety and quality for the Truffles. More than just hunting the Truffles from San Miniato, there are so many other things too that you are able to just find out in this beautiful location of Italy. We are sure that it will be just more than a hunting trip for you.


Tuscany is another very famous point in Italy where people die to go and hunt for the Truffles. It is not an easy and simple task, but those who know the right way to do it have the ability to hunt the right form of the Truffles from this place. This fabulous location in the southern region of Italy is the place which is known as the paradise of white Truffles. So, if you are fond of the white Truffles, then this should be your first and last spot in Italy. Although the Villefranche-du-Perigord also has very nice white Truffles, they are not as good as they are in Tuscany. Therefore, we recommend that for white Truffles, always prefer Tuscany over Villefranche-du-Perigord.
While hunting, there is no issue for the local people as well as for the new ones. The whole region is very comfortable for hunting Truffles because the woody region is not very much populated, and there are very obvious spots where you can go and just get your Truffles. If you want, then you can also get the trainers for this. They will get you the white Truffles of your choice and amount at the place you are residing in Tuscany, or if you want the adventure experience, you can also go with them for the hunting process.

Val Pantena

Well, Val Pantena is that place in Italy that is also popular for the hunting of Truffles. Not only the native people but people from all over the world come here for the hunting of Truffles. It has not only one specie of Truffles growing in the woods, but many of them. All you have to do is to keep in mind the fact that Truffles and all of its forms are not edible. Some are poisonous too. In the region of Val Pantena, they are al growing with one another with no obvious distinction. You have to know which one is going to be the one that you need in your hunting process. For this, either you are supposed to be the expert in it, or get some kind of expert with you regarding this file.
One piece of advice that can be given for the hunting of Truffles from the Val Pantena region of Italy is that the hunter must gather knowledge about the Truffles in advance. It should be known to the hunter that which one will suit the needs and which one is not. The smell must be known, the color, shape, design, size, etc. All of these things if the hunter would know, there will be no issue or danger in hunting Truffles from Val Pantena.

Le Marche

The delicious Truffles of Italy are found in le Marche location. It is overall a very simple place with some rural kind of vibe. You will not find so many buildings and population around it, therefore, the Truffles found here are just more than delicious. They have the original organic environment to grow and blossom, so the hunting at this place is just out of the world. Through this rural region of Italy, you can just hunt by getting the dogs that are trained in it.
The woods of this place do not allow people to hunt Truffles if they are not well aware of the location and also of the process of hunting Truffles. The native population has trained dogs that were under the training for more than 4 years straight. You have to group with them for hunting at this place.
The taste and the overall shape or look of the Truffles hunted from Le Marche are just amazing. They have one of the best types of Truffles found in the whole region of Italy, but the hunting is equally crucial at this place. Try to get the time for hunting here if you want, and we are sure that you will fail to like any other place after hunting here. Just research in advance, then find the hunting dog owners and go on for the adventure.

Langhe Area

The Langhe area in Italy is also very popular for the hunting of white truffles. You can get these truffles only in this location. It is not that there is no white Truffle in other regions, but the ones found here are the best ones. You can simply turn towards this option if you specifically want the white Truffle of best species.
One thing that you have to keep in mind is that only November is that month in the year when you will find it. So, a better option is that you plan it in advance, and then come here for the hunting. Either you are getting to for your use or for your business or export, do all the hunting in this time of year so that there is no problem for you in the rest of the year months.
Other than just hunting of the Truffles in this region of Italy, you can simply roam around this place too because the vintage locations will help you unwind and get the energy recharged for your body. The mesmerizing beauty of this place is going to blow your mind. Along with Truffle hunting, this will be an added advantage for you.

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How the Truffle Hunting is done?

Truffle hunting is not an easy task. As it grows at places that are not easy to reach out, therefore, the whole process of hunting and finding them is not at all easy and simple. People in the past used to go all by themselves with some knives and cutter, but that used to be very tough for them to take out Truffles. Also, during the process, the cutters and knives used to destroy half of the Truffles. Now there are new and easy to use equipment which is taken for the Truffle hunting adventure.
As long as the way of hunting is concerned, the hunting of Truffles is now done with the dogs. We all know the fact that dogs have a very strong sense which they can use to smell different things and make sure to reach out to them. In the very same way, there are Truffle hunting dogs that are fully trained for this task. People hire them or get them trained. Those who do it for their business, they train their own dogs for it. While those who want to do adventure only, then these people will go for the lending option and then do the hunting of Truffle.
Hunting with the help of dogs is the best way of hunting the Truffles right now, and you can surely get any of these according to your need in which you can lend or just get the dogs trained for you in this task. One thing needs to be very clear in your mind that Truffle hunting is not easy, so try to just learn about it before you go for doing it. It can get you into trouble as the places where it grows are not safe for one person to go and hunt. So, learn about it, and also be sure that you have enough things to keep yourself safe too.


Truffle hunting is something that people of Italy enjoying doing in their vacations, and weekends. It is an attractive activity for these people, and also an adventure which they try to enjoy as much as they can. We have mentioned the top locations in Italy where you can just go and hunt for Truffles. You will find as much of Truffles as you want in these places. We are the user that next time you will not fall short of options for your Truffle hunting adventure.

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