Exploring the wines of Lugana

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Production, environment, history, hospitality and territory supported on Lake Garda, summarized in the exclusive value of Lugana Wine. Its striking and attractive features are now recognized and appreciated internationally, also thanks to the professional commitment, in terms of promoting and synergistic safeguarding of these different consolidated excellence, by the Lugana Protection Consortium. In the over 50 years of attribution of the Lugana brand, the body has therefore supported and promoted the numerous wine producing companies, inserting their pleasant connotations for tasting in perfect harmony with those related to the multiple opportunities offered by the territory to which they belong. That southern Garda area, located between Sirmione, Peschiera, Pozzolengo, Lonato and Desenzano, symbolically idealized as a magical bridge connecting the Alps and the Po Valley. A place where, thanks to the vast freshwater basin – the largest nationally – the seasons are characterized by a Mediterranean climate, summer and spring with a temperate sun and autumns and winters with a mitigated cold.

Exploring the wines of Lugana

Not surprisingly, since Roman times, Benaco was an area suitable for spending holidays. In this context of historical environmental derivation, from the poet Catullo who praised Sirmione in his poems and lived there, up to the multitudes of tourists who flock to the Garda shores today, Lugana wine has found special roots useful to stimulate continuous and further proactive ferments in this geographical district generous in taste, hospitality and tradition.

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Lugana is made from the Turbiana grape variety

The Turbiana vine is an autochthonous variety and unique in phenological, agronomic and oenological properties; the wine brings together uncommon characteristics that reveal its exclusivity. It is a white wine that you can buy and drink when it is still fresh in the vintage, or with a good aging capacity; you can try to forget bottles in a corner of the cellar and get a gift a few years later by tasting and rediscovering them. Lugana can be found in five variations which enhance the different and various organoleptic components of the product and significantly expand the range of possible combinations.

The five types of Lugana wine

LUGANA – Acidity and flavor with a balance between floral and citrus notes; linear and vibrant. Served with typical dishes of the region, such as tench, carp, frog and vegetable risotto; it is excellent with fish dishes and pike.
LUGANA SUPERIORE – In its gustatory DNA, ripe fruit and spices, which offers greater complexity and when aged in wood it takes on the light notes of hazelnut in a structured and persistent harmony. Taste Lugana Superiore with white meats or lightly seasoned and creamy cheeses.
LUGANA RISERVA – Even more mature and with bright chromatic tones, there are advanced and complex aromas, balsamic reflections and smoked cues, flint. It goes well with roasted pork or structured first courses.
LUGANA LATE HARVEST – New interpretation of a traditional style thanks to the “overripe” and dried grapes to create concentrated and balanced wine with notes of candied lemon and honey. Special sweetness balanced by solid structure and decisive acidity. We recommend the Late Harvest with blue and aged cheeses, enjoy it as a contemplation wine to end an evening.
SPARKLING LUGANA – Two winemaking methods. Charmat, young and easy to drink, ideal for a fresh aperitif and Classic Method, elegant with more complex aromas and scents.

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Lugana proves to be a wine full of promises all well made, as always ready for nice surprises. A wine always engaged in international meetings and travels, we remember this year the presence of the Consorzio Tutela Lugana DOC in the United States at various events, the Walla-Walla in the state of Washington.

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