Living Lessinia: things to do and curiosities

A green paradise nestled between the Little Dolomites, the city of Verona and Monte Baldo, Lessinia is a natural park waiting to be discovered.

Discovering the green jewel of the Venetian Pre-Alps: the Lessinia plateaus

It is the more or less extensive pastures, the malghe that dot the meadows and the spectacular phenomena of karst origin (such as the Valle delle Sfingi in Camposilvano) that characterize the landscape of Lessinia, which extends for the most part in the province of Verona and partially in those of Vicenza and Trento. A territory almost unto itself in the Venetian Pre-Alps often compared to the shape of a hand: the northern plateau represents its back, while the ridges that descend towards the plain are the fingers. In the furrows, the valleys: from Valpolicella in the west to Val di Chiampo in the east.
A green paradise nestled between the Little Dolomites, the city of Verona and Monte Baldo, Lessinia has been inhabited in the past centuries by Cimbri, a population from Bavaria or Tyrol called to colonize the Venetian Pre-Alps by practicing those activities that they have always known how to do, cutting wood and breeding.

A curiosity: there are more than one hundred mountain huts in the area of ​​the upper Lessinia, between the Val d’Adige and Val di Chiampo.

Things to do in Lessinia

To be discovered on foot or by mountain bike, Lessinia welcomes its visitors with sweetness: the height of the plateaus oscillates between 1,200 and 1,800 meters and finds its peaks with the Carega group to the north-east, which reaches 2,200 meters.
To connect the sinuosity of Lessinia with the majestic Carega group is the path Cai 287, which starts in the plain of San Giorgio (at 1,505 meters) and reaches the Revolto refuge (at 1,336 meters) .
Experience Lessinia: things to do and curiosities
Extending over 10 thousand hectares, the Lessinia Regional Park contains within it a great variety of naturalistic, archaeological and historical testimonies. Among the most fascinating places is the Valley of the Sphinxes, in Camposilvano, a fraction of Velo Veronese.
It is called the “city of the rock” because of the particular monolithic limestone blocks that recall the Egyptian sphinxes. The Camposilvano cabbage is also very impressive: it is said that this large natural cavity, 70 meters wide, 35 high and 50 deep, was also visited by Dante Alighieri during his stay in Verona.

Curiosities and interesting facts

In Lessinia the landscape changes with increasing altitude: in the hilly area, mixed forests of oak and chestnut trees form the background, while, rising in altitude, there are mostly beech trees. Mountain pine and rhododendron make their appearance on the peaks. If you are lucky, between May and July you can admire the flowering of a protected plant, the lady’s slipper or slipper. It is the largest orchid in Europe, with large and showy flowers: frequent in the Venetian Pre-Alps, it is very rare in the rest of the Alps.

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Source: Linea Verde Magazine N.2 – 18 April 2019

Lessinia Natural Park

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