Madonna della Corona Sanctuary near Verona

May 10, 2019

Madonna della Corona – ‘Lady of the Crown’ is a hidden gem in Italy

Wish to make the most of your escapade? If you are venturing through the picturesque landscapes of Spiazzi in the region, you can reach out to the world-famous Madonna della Corona Sanctuary –also referred to as the Sanctuary of the Lady of the Crown. Madonna della Corona is a famous tourist destination in Italy that is perched alongside the vertical cliffs of the popular Mount Baldo. The landmarks is quite secluded. Moreover, the entire structure is sheltered by the support of a thin shelf of rock. The overall architectural excellence and unique structure of the Church has been preserved and left untouched for several years.

There have been only a few rare upgraded made to the Church’s structure. The church is believed to have been set up during 1530. It is regarded as a famous religious place for spiritual contemplation amongst the hermit monks. It is a perfect getaway for those who are seeking solitude in nature to pray and reflect.

You can look forward to spending time here in complete serenity at your leisure as you get the opportunity to visit the church and enjoy some peaceful moments at the priest’s garden. You can then head to the top of the mountain between the thin path in the mountain and the rocks by means of public transport here.

lady of the crown valley
madonna della corona shrine

Enjoy Your time at Madonna della Corona Sanctuary

If you are looking forward to indulging in a pilgrimage while enjoying the natural beauty all around, this landmark in Italy is a must-visit destination for you. You can access the top of the mountain via two ways. One way is to traverse the path from Brentino Belluno –also referred to as the “Pilgrimage Path.” Going by this route takes around 2 hours as you are required to trail a series of steps on your foot. Another way to reach the mountain is through a simpler way of going through the paid shuttle in Spiazzi.
Once you are at the heart of the landmark, you get to catch a view of various masterpieces of rich history and art. Some of the notable attractions of the place are Ugo Zannonni’s sculptures, the Pesare Santa, and various other historic relics. Whether you are fond of getting an insight into spiritual history or fine arts, you can explore the grandeur of this magnificent monument amidst ample nature all around.

It is all worthwhile to take up the unforgettable journey through the famous sanctuary of North Italy –known for being placed between the Earth & the Heaven. In the modern era, the treacherous mountain path of the monument has been upgraded to provide great convenience to the travelers. It is still famous for being a highly renowned place for pilgrimage. At the same time, it has also garnered the respect of being a leading tourist attraction spot in North Italy. Get lost in the natural beauty of the place with valleys stretching below and the River Adige making its way through at the bottom.

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