Sfogliatine: elegant and classy italian pastry

Its typical shape is that of a donut

The invention of this sweet, which for over 140 years has delighted the palates of connoisseurs of haute patisserie, is due to Marcello Fantoni, who had inherited the pastry art from his grandfather Giovanni. It was him who created the puff pastry back in 1870 and started the production of this traditional crunchy and delicate dessert, whose recipe is based on simple and natural ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar, salt and eggs.

Its typical shape is that of a donut with a hole in the center. They are very popular because in addition to having a delicious taste, they are natural because there are no additives or preservatives added and they are still hand-made to make them crumbly and fragrant as usual.

Sfogliatine Villafranca

From Verona the wealthy families ordered them to celebrate anniversaries, marriages and baptisms. The puff pastries of Villafranca also entered literature, quoted by many poets, including Berto Barbarani who in 1898 composed “Sfogliatine al burro”, Gabriele D’Annunzio and Renato Simoni, theater critic.