9 Gorgeous Gardens and Parks in Verona and Lake Garda

The Parks, Villas and Gardens of Verona constitute the green lungs of the city; in spring they give their best with wonderful blooms, green meadows.
Gardens and Parks in Verona

Parks and gardens in Verona and surroundings: three ideas for your weekend getaway

The Parks, Villas and Gardens of Verona constitute the green lungs of the city; in spring they give their best with wonderful blooms, green meadows. All this combined with the historical evidence present, allow tourists to always spend pleasant days outdoors, which in many cases make you forget the typical chaos of modern cities. Therefore the parks, villas and gardens of Verona and Lake Garda represent a resource of considerable tourist importance as well as environmental and historical and therefore deserve to be fully experienced.

Parco Sigurta

1. Parco Giardino Sigurtà

A few kilometers from Verona, in Valeggio sul Mincio, there is an immense unique park, the Sigurtà Garden Park. It covers approximately 60 hectares and can be visited on foot, by bicycle or with the fun means made available by the park itself, such as the little train or golf-carts. Let yourself be enchanted by the water gardens and admire the majesty of the great oak with over four centuries of history. Get lost in the labyrinth, until you reach the turret in the center to enjoy the splendid view of the park from above. Among flower gardens, medicinal plants, fragrant roses and lawns, you may also come across the ancient castle or the legendary stone of youth.

Giardino Giusti Verona

2. Giardino Giusti

Located near the Roman Theater of Verona, the Giusti Garden is revealed only to the most attentive visitors to try to keep intact the slow and fascinating atmosphere that has always distinguished it. It is the only sixteenth-century Italian garden in Verona. Flowers, Roman artifacts, fountains, cypress avenues, caves, without forgetting one of the oldest hedge mazes in Europe. The greatest show, then, comes just when it seems to have come to an end. Climb up to the viewpoint and admire the wonderful panorama of Verona from above in complete tranquility!

Parco delle Cascate di Molina

3. Parco delle Cascate di Molina

The Molina Waterfalls Park is the ideal place for adults and children to spend a day immersed in the green of the woods and nature. Following one of the three different paths through the most beautiful views of this oasis between streams of clear water and suggestive waterfalls, it is also possible to glimpse unforgettable views.

With a good leg and a lot of enthusiasm the day could be very interesting indeed!

Parco Bosco Allegro

4. Parco Bosco Allegro

Il Bosco Allegro is a large green park equipped for barbecues and complete with seating thanks to its steel and wooden gazebos. But Bosco Allegro can be much more. On its paths you can meet typical animals of the local fauna such as deer, sheep and donkeys; moreover, thanks to the playground and the fenced and safe perimeters, it is the perfect place to take children to experience the greenery and pure air of Lessinia.

Parco di Pontoncello

5. Parco di Pontoncello

The Pontoncello Park is a protected area and it is now a regional park of local interest. It is an ideal place for a walk with your four-legged friend, pleasant and interesting from a naturalistic point of view, environmental and historical. The path is entirely exposed to the sun, therefore it lends itself to pleasant walks even during the coldest winter days.

Parco delle Mura e dei Forti Verona

6. Parco delle Mura e dei Forti

Parco delle Mura e dei Forti surrounds the city of Verona for 9 kilometers and can be visited at two different times: the first starting from the surrounding walls called “Bastioni” that protected the city from Ponte Catena to Ponte San Francesco; the second by visiting the walls on the hill called “Torricelle” and then accessing from above. The paths are both very suggestive: the first on the ramparts that are now green city parks and the second always walking in the green but with the beautiful panorama of the city seen from above.

Giardino Heller

7. Giardino Heller

Giardino Heller is Botanical park with art installations. A small Eden in the hills above Gardone Riviera and a view of Lake Garda. The entry fee is 12 euros per adult. Rich in plants, flowers, ponds. I appreciated the irony of some art installations such as the spitting monsters and the sense of freedom and fusion with nature that men scattered here and there give their arms to the sky and the surrounding landscape.

Parco del Vittoriale

8. Parco del Vittoriale

Many know the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera, the home of Gabriele d’Annunzio, a visit that certainly deserves, but few know the park, which won the prize for the most beautiful park in Italy. It is a wonderful visit, you can also buy just the ticket for the park and once again dedicate as much time as you want inside the house.

Giardino di Casa Biasi

9. Giardino di Casa Biasi in Caprino Veronese

The garden of Casa Biasi is a private garden that can be visited located in Pesina di Caprino Veronese, on the hills surrounding Lake Garda. The garden was traced by Mario and Luciana Biasi in the land surrounding the ancient family villa starting in 1977 and Cecilia and Nico have carried out and completed the initial project up to its present state.

To be continued…

Thanks to its temperate micro climate in every season, and the abundance of waterways present in the area, Lake Garda has earned the reputation of “Garden Paradise” over the centuries. These and many others are the parks in our area where you can stroll and enjoy a day outdoors; we will continue to give you advice in the next posts on our favorites!

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