Where to find free parking in Verona

In this post you can find a list of places where you can leave your vehicle and start strolling around the Verona city center!

Where to park in Verona?

Are you planning to visit Verona by car and you have no idea where to find parking in the center…don’t worry we are here to help!

In this post you can find a list of places where you can leave your vehicle and start strolling around the Verona city center! For those looking for free parking in the city of Verona, close to the main attractions, it might be not that easy especially if it is your first time in the city of Romeo and Juliet. Again, do not worry we are here to help you find the best sposts for your car or camper. Not far from the center, there is some free and paid parking lots which allow you to get to Piazza Bra and the Arena in few minutes by foot.

Find free parking

If you are lucky you can find free parking spots in Verona city center. There are not many available but, with the right advice you can increase your chance to find free parking.
Sometimes you have to find the free parking, so in that way you can save money to buy tickets to visit popular attractions.
The following parking lots offer free parking in Verona:

  • Porta Palio car park;
  • Piazzale Guardini;
  • Piazzale Olimpia.

Porta Palio car park

Porta Palio car park is located just outside the center of Verona, about 15 minutes from Castelvecchio. There are about a hundred parking spaces available.

Piazzale Guardini parking

The Piazzale Guardini car park is located a few steps from Porta Nuova Station. Also in this case the places available are about a hundred. It takes about twenty minutes to reach the center of Verona.

Piazzale Olimpia parking

The Piazzale Olimpia car park is the one that offers the largest number of free parking spaces in Verona. Its capacity is approximately 5,000 parking spaces. It is located near the stadium. To reach the center of Verona, it is advisable to take a bus and get off in front of the Verona Arena.

Paid parking in Verona

The amount of paid parking lots in the city center of Verona are many, and allow you to reach the largest number of attractions on foot in about 10/15 minutes by foot.

In the Corso Porta Nuova area , you can choose between 5 different car parks. Their location is perfect for those who want to visit the Arena, Piazza delle Erbe:

  • Cittadella car park – in Piazza Cittadella (750 spaces);
  • Parking Arena – Via M. Bentegodi 8 (870 spaces);
  • Parking Italia – Corso Porta Nuova 91;
  • Garage Paradiso – Via Paradiso 13/a;
  • Court Parking – Via dello Zappatore (340 spaces) (outside).

For those who are looking to visit Ponte Pietra, the funicular, Castel San Pietro and the attractions that are nearby, you can opt for this parking:

Parking Piazza Isolo – Via Ponte Pignolo 6 / c (489 spaces)

Are you looking to park near the Arsenale? This place is where many events and exhibitions take place throughout the year and also the best spot to reach Castelvecchio and Porta Borsari. Find the parking here:

Arsenale car park – Piazza Arsenale 8 (230 spaces)

Free Parking

Park close to the stations

If you are looking to take a train or be in the area of ​​the railway station to catch a bus, the best option is to park:

East and West Station car parks – Via Città di Nimes (494 spaces).

To visit the Basilica of San Zeno in comfort, the closest car park to leave your car is:

San Zeno car park – Piazza Corrubio (216 spaces).

The area of ​​the University of Verona is located near the center. The most popular educational sites are located in Via San Francesco 22, near Lungadige Porta Vittoria:

Saba Polo Zanotto parking.

Park close Juliet’s balcony

You will want to visit the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliets. So the best way to get here with a car is to find parking in the center:

Parking Center – Via Campo Marzo – 439 spaces.

Are you staying in the Borgo Trento area and looking to park near the center of Verona, you can opt for this car park:

Borgo Trento Hospital Parking – Via San Camillo de Lellis (350 spaces).

Park the camper in Verona

For those who reach Verona by camper, walking around the center is not a great idea. To park the camper without problems, head towards Via G. Dalla Bona, near Porta Palio. In this area there is the “Porta Palio” equipped parking area for campers. Inside there is the possibility of loading – unloading, no current. The price for parking is 10 euros for 24 hours. To reach the historic center, you can take a short 15-minute walk to reach Castelvecchio.

Find free parking in Villafranca di Verona

You don’t mind visiting Villafranca di Verona, right? Well, it’s a good idea to park your car in this city and then visit Verona. In fact, Villafranca offers many things to do and you can chill here for few hours, leave your car in a safe and free spot, then take the train to Verona. It costs about 3 euros and takes 20 minutes. You will get to Verona Porta Nuova and walk to the city center in 10 minutes by foot.

Summing up

We are pretty sure that if you put some effort, finding free parking in Verona or in the nearby area is quite easy. Remember to check if that day there any public events. In this case be careful as the roads might be very busy with a lot of traffic. Otherwise you can choose a paid parking and go for a quick solution.

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