Tastings of excellence: 6 wines to try in Veneto

With 94 thousand hectares of vineyards and 11 million tons dedicated to denomination of origin productions, Veneto offers wines of great quality and potential.
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With 94 thousand hectares of vineyards, 40% of which in altitude, and with 11 million tons dedicated to production with designation of origin (of which 29 Doc and 14 Docg), Veneto is a treasure trove of high quality wines and potential.
In this post we show you 6 wines to try in Veneto famous for their specialty.

1. Amarone della Valpolicella Docg

Amarone della Valpolicella Docg is one of the aces of the trio of great reds that Italy sells on world markets.
The other two are Piedmontese Barolo and Tuscan Brunello.
L ‘ Amarone is a wine that comes from the drying of the grapes of Corvina (prevalent), Rondinella and Molinara and today someone has also rediscovered Oseletta, however harvested late and then mashed also in February. Aging takes place for at least four years in wood. It is a very technical vinification process that originates in Recioto, the great passito of these lands.
Color: deep ruby, with garnet reflections with aging, or purple when the amatone is young.
Nose: gives blackberry and plum jam, then nuances of tobacco and chocolate with slight spiciness.
Taste: warm, enveloping, tannic but not aggressive.
Territory: classic Valpolicella with appendix the area of Valle d’Illasi.

2. Soave Doc

Soave Doc is one of the best known and appreciated white wines in Italy born from the hills east of Verona: a unique environment already recognized as a historic rural landscape and today a candidate to become a Unesco site.
The castle of Soave.
Color: straw yellow with emerald reflections, the wine is very bright, almost shiny.
Bouquet: the nose offers a tropical fruit salad, with hints of yellow flowers.
Taste: fresh without being excessively acidic, enveloping, the almond aftertaste is precious.
Territory: practically the entire province of Verona, but with a particular classic area around the town of Soave.

3. Marzemino d’Isera Doc

Marzemino is a red produced in Vallagarina and which has become famous in history because it is mentioned in Don Giovanni’s dinner offered by Leporello, Lorenzo Da Ponte, Mozart’s librettist, was crazy about it.
Color: a beautiful ruby ​​red with accentuated purple hues.
Bouquet: wild strawberries, withered red flower with a slight hint of geranium.
Taste: warm, non-tannic, very balanced and with a truly remarkable aftertaste on tones of licorice.
Territory: the whole Vallagarina da Isera, both on the right and on the left of the Adige.

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4. Valpolicella Ripasso Doc

Valpolicella Ripasso Doc is Amarone dressed casually! Seriously, it is made with the same Amarone grapes but vinified fresh. Only when fermentation is complete the wine is left to rest for a couple of weeks on the Amarone skins to give it structure.
Color: bright ruby ​​red with purple reflections, with aging it tends to garnet.
Aroma: fruit forest with a prevalence of red currant and strawberry, nuances of tobacco and undergrowth.
Taste: harmonious, slightly tannic, warm with aftertaste of dried plum notes.
Territory: classic Valpolicella, Valle d’Illasi, or the north-eastern part of the province of Verona.

5. Lessini Durello Spumante Doc

Il Duello is one of the emerging sparkling wines in Italy for its backbone and its immediate recognition also thanks to the fact that it is produced with Durella grape which is an exclusive native of the Veronese and Vicentine mountains on the border with Trentino. br /> Color: in the glass it looks like a golden shower also for the fine and very long pearly.
Bouquet: white peach, then bread crust, white iris and hints of light herbaceous.
Taste: fresh , crunchy, balanced acidulous with an enchanting aftertaste of aromatic herbs.
Territory: in the mountains between Verona and Vicenza.

6. Bardolino Chiaretto Doc

Bardolino Chiaretto is truly one of the crispest wines you can taste. Born from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinari vinified in rosé that is with short contact with the skins. It is very elegant.
Color: a bright pink ranging from powder to onion.
Bouquet: smells of pomegranate, strawberry, with hints of pink and hints of raspberry with a slight vegetable vein.
Flavor : dry, savory, slightly bitter, harmonious, subtle, sometimes slightly sparkling.
Territory: shores of Lake Garda in the province of Verona and Brescia.

Source: Linea Verde Magazine N.2 – 18 April 2019

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