Custoza wine: between history and tradition

The essential features of Custoza wine are its freshness, light aromaticity, considerable drinkability and combinability with meat and fish.
Bianco wine di Custoza

Between history and tradition

The essential characteristics of Custoza consist of freshness, light aromaticity, considerable drinkability and combinability. The wine, especially when coming from particular selections made in the vineyards, also shows good aging capacity over time. The skill of the producers allows to enhance the delicate, floral and fruity aroma of Garganega in the Custoza blend, the characteristic color of Trebbianello and the slightly aromatic hints of delta Bianca Fernanda , as well as the peculiar characteristics of the other white grape varieties grown in the area.
The production area extends between the municipalities of: Sommacampagna, Villafranca di Verona, Valeggio sul Mincio, Sona, Bussolengo , Lazise, ​​Pastrengo, Peschiera del Garda, Castelnuovo del Garda. Although usually, in combination with cured meats, first courses (in particular the typical tortellini of Valeggio sul Mincio), vegetables (Broccoli di Custoza), fish (sea and fresh water) and delicately cooked barnyard meats, Custoza it also lends itself, in its best interpretations, to a good refinement: over time, in fact, the mineral characteristics typical of morainic soils emerge, such as those that distinguish the production area. For over twenty years, interventions have been carried out on the entire production area using the integrated defense method, led by the Consortium for the protection of Custoza. Insecticide treatments are no longer carried out, but biological control methods are used against harmful insects such as sexual confusion for moths. In order to produce a sustainable Custoza for the environment and people, mechanical methods of containing weeds are preferred, gradually abandoning chemical weeding. II all also to protect the territory, recognized intrinsic value of the denomination.

Broccoletto di Custoza

Custoza and Broccoli

A combination dictated by nature: the Custoza and the Broccoletto. They are born in the same territory, they grow and from this they acquire unique and inimitable characteristics that unite them. The lightness, the aromatic character and the sapidity of Custoza accompany and enhance the typical characteristics of the broccoli. II Custoza is a wine produced with more varieties. the combination of the grapes from which it derives allows to create a unique wine, young and fresh, but equally long-lived and aristocratic. The Consortium of protection, together with all the producers is working to improve the quality. To meet the tastes of the modern consumer more and more, to protect their typicality and to enhance their expressions
and interpretations.

Bianco di Custoza

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