Local product of Custoza

Broccoletto di Custoza, from the Crucifere family, is one of the most interesting niche products of the Terre del Custoza territory, appreciated for its particular and precious perfume for its organoleptic characteristics, useful ally in the prevention of diseases, it is much sought after by gourmets .
This vegetable does not have a large commercial distribution, therefore it is only possible to find it at the same producers and local greengrocers.
It is small, dark and very sweet, with a set of very tasty leaves. Its collection begins in early December, with the first frosts, so much so that the sweetest and tastiest are those grown in the grip of frost, as if the fight against the cold improves its gastronomic qualities.

Valpolicella Vineyards

The traditional dish of Custoza

It has a long life cycle, just as long is the wait for those who wait for it to mature in order to taste it. According to popular tradition, it is boiled, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil from Lake Garda, salt, pepper and accompanied with boiled eggs and salami. In recent years, the Custoza Restaurateurs Association has wanted to enhance Broccoletto by offering it in new culinary keys ranging from dishes to desserts and sorbets, combining ancient tradition with new frontiers in the kitchen. Delicacy to satisfy the most attentive and refined palates, and for wine lovers to be accompanied with a good glass of Custoza DOC.

Broccoletto di Custoza